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From the political arena to ass lube

It's 3 days after election day and we ain't got no president, how sad.

Don't even get me started on this political crap.

It's stupid from beginning to end.

But if anyone is harboring any hope for Mr. Gore you shouldn't.

Bush will win in the end.

I predict that Gore will make a heroic speech saying how he will not put the country through a tedious legal battle that'll pit American against American.

He'll be deemed a martyr for doing so.

The good news from that will be that he won't fade out into obscurity.

Everything Dubya' does wrong (and there will be a Texas barrelfull, folks) the independent voters that went for the Gov will kick themselves.

And Gore will be back in 4 years to triumph over the bumbling idiot.

As much as I'd like to let loose on Nader for all this, I just can't.

Although I am not close to being a far left winger as Mr. Nader is (I'm a centrist)

I respect the guy tremendously. He really has sacrificed his whole life for public service.

So yes he did cost the election.

Yes he should have pulled out.

Yes he should have picked a less crucial time to run for president, he's not Dubya and shouldn't be treated as such.

Dubya should get wrath, not Ralph-o

Anyways, enough politics.

I got an email from the sister of an employee today that I've been digging for awhile.

She wanted to know if I had plans for tonight.

I said nay and we agreed to see a movie.

I we live pretty far apart, she wanted to see a movie near her but I wasn't gonna' make any of them because I get out of work so late.

I said there was a theater near where I live.

She balked out and said "too far, some othertime"

Now, this is what happened in between.

Amy, her sister I work with sent an email asking if I was going out with Jenny.

I said yes.

She said "are you bringing her candies and flowers?"

I said "No, nipple clips and ass lube"

15 mins. later I got the rejection letter from Jenny.



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