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Lots of sex in this entry, take a look!

You know snow is cute and all.

Especially around Christmas. But it loses it's appeal REAL quick. We're about to get buried in the shit. I'd like to thank Surly for sending it our way from Chicago. THANKS SURLY, YOU SELFISH BASTARD!!!

Anyways, just had a Christmas lunch today and I look pregnant. I could run to Florida and back and wouldn't burn off what I ate today.

I think I gained about 15 lbs working here. All they do is feed us. Maybe they're planning on eating us for Christmas dinner and are trying to fatten us up. Well, it's working.

Anytime some new young girl starts working here I laugh. Because it isn't long before she joins the rank of us out-of-shape, fatsoes.

Some people join gyms.


They can't excape the all powerful "Pizza day" held monthly.

Ever try getting on a treadmill after stuffing your face with pizza all day?

It don't work.


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