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It's about time I talked about Fred. Fred's one of my best friends. We've had the best times together. But Fred has some serious problems. He's a drug addict. Very rarely has he used when I've known him. But when he uses, he goes all the way. He doesn't stop until he gets arrested. Fred's in jail now for five years. What happened this last time was he went out using and went hitchhiking. Someone picked him up and "made a move" on him. This freaked him out. Fred threw the guy out of his own car. The police came right after. He was arrested for carjacking. Now, Fred's in jail because he deserves to be there. It might even save his life. I hate to have this story as your introduction to him. This isn't the Fred I know. Fred is a very, very big dude with a really big heart. He cares a lot about people and wouldn't intentionaly hurt a fly. But he's had a very rough and violent childhood and can't seem to make peace with it. He turns to drugs to deal when he can't. I bring up Fred because his father just passed away. His father was checked himself into rehab, but before he swallowed some balloons filled with drugs (to do later after they pass through his system I assume) The balloons burst inside of him and he was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support. He was kept alive by machines through Christmas but was brain dead. They decided to pull the plug yesterday. Fred's dad was a millionaire. He owns a very successful tire shop in Hartford. His commercials are still running. Very creapy.

Fred's last letter to his dad was him pretty much reading him the riot act.

Fred never got the chance to make up with his old man.

And he has to sit in jail while all this goes down.

Maybe the latter is for the best because he can't react to the situation. He's more or less pretty safe where he is. But still it's gotta hurt.

Don't do drugs kids.

It's shit.





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