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27 going on 14

Sorry dooooods about the password protection.

I don't like doing it, but I don't feel I have a choice.

Someone I know is reading this.

He/she found it through a blasted search engine.

Not that I really got anything to hide, but I don't want to get to the point where I feel I got to hold anything back because someone I know is reading this, ya' dig?

I'm pretty sure I know who it is so maybe I'll confront that person and ask them not to read this.

The password thingy is hopefully only temporary.

Please feel free to pass along the password to anyone who might want it.

The person I'm holding this from isn't a member of diaryland.

OK, I'm pretty psyched!

I got an email from my boy Andrew.

I replaced Andrew in a band many years ago.

He's a hell of a musician.

I've been dying to play with him for a long time and it looks like I'm finally gonna' get to!

He was in a band for awhile that I tried out for called The Rays.

Really cool band. The lead singer used to be in a band called the Swansons and they were just great!

I didn't get the part because they kinda' required a female bassist for what they were doing.

I was the only guy they let try out for them.

It was me against 6 girls, of coarse I wasn't gonna' get the part!

Andrew was really nice tho, he told me I was his nominee.

He's one of those real gentle, intellectual, musical types that you just want to punch in the stomach because they're so much better than you that it pisses you off!

When I'd listen to The Rays CD I did have trouble enjoying it just because I wanted to be playing with them, Andrew specificly, so bad.

But horray for me!

I've received an email from him the other day informing me that he's departing ways with his old crew and wanted to know if I wanted to start something with him.

It took about 2 seconds before I said yes.

So, I'll be dusting off the old Rickenbacker and getting back to music, I'm psyched!

The present dowfalls are...

-I have to pay $75 a month for the rehersal space, yikes! That's more then what I pay for cable TV!

-We have no drummer. Anybody know a skinsman for me?

-We have no singer. I'm NOT fucking singing in this band! I'm just gonna' play my damn bass and shut up. The good thing tho is you get to meet a lot of girls when you're looking for a singer.

Random girl: So what do you do?

GJ: I'm like, in a band baby, but woe-is-I! We's ain't got NOOOOO SINGA'!

Random girl: Hey I sing. Music is my life, maybe I can try out for you guys....

GJ: Like, I don't know. It's a lot of hard work. Maybe you can come back to my pad and we'll go over some songs or whatever else pops up!

Random girl: (kicks Jon in the nuts)


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