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Super Dave & the Rock Monsters Vs Stinkfinger


Would you see a band called "Super Dave and the Rock Monsters"? Neither would I. Now, why on God's great Earth would anybody humiliate themselves by naming them that? They can't possibly be good. They might as well call themselves "Shit"

The reason I'm bringing this up is because on of the editors here fancies himself a rock n' roller. And has taken the liberty to put up flyers all over the building like this is some community center and not a place of business.

Super Dave and the Rock Monsters?

But a fellow from the warehouse has got that beat. He performs in a band called.......Stinkfinger.

Stink-finger, yes you heard me correct.

How many chics does this guy thinks he's gonna' get by being a member of "Stinkfinger"?

What woman alive would declare to her peers "My boyfriend plays in a band called Stinkfinger" That's just nasty.

So anyways, me and Andrew have decided to call our group "Anal Grease" Classy, huh? Just kidding. We had a great time together Saturday. He played me two of his songs and I offered none of my own (GJ you're chicken shit!) His first song he played he described as "The Girl from Ipanema" but from HER point of view. I started laughing, it was a brilliant song. I'm now looking for the next addition to our combo while Mr A studies for the bar exam this month.

I saw Hannibal last night. I also saw the sky. I liked the sky better.



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