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Uncle Boob

I've been thrown out of Uncle Bob's Army. What's up with that? For no reason whatsoever. Sure, I know he doesn't leave up diaryists that have password protection or who don't update their diary regulary. But I pass both those, don't I? I mean, I may not update during the weekends. But weekdays you can count on me. And I ain't gots no stinkin' password either. OK, I did for like 24 hours, but I saw the error of my ways and repented. You don't think ole' Unk Bob through me out of the army just do to a 24 hour infraction of his rules, now do you? Me either, to be honest with you, I think he's just jealous of me. OK, I know that's not true.

At all.

Stop laughing at me.

But I DO believe the hunk o' Unk harbors a wee bit of fear that I'll start my own army. DON"Y YOU.....UNCLE BOB!

Something like "Genghis Jon's Minions"

We'd kick their asses!! Me and my two minions. We'd show them. I mean, who's uncle is he anyways? He ain't MY uncle. I never received a birthday card from the guy. He better pray to Andrew (the diaryland master) that I don't learn HTML and can put a links site up, he better just pray...

Well, the real reason I care so much is because I think he's one funny guy. He also doesn't give a crap about what people thinks of his humor. He's not offensive, but you're always gonna get some clown getting all huffy about what he's written. He handles them like a pro. And calling his son "Fonzie" that just makes me proud. That just makes me wanna' knock up the next able girl I come across just so I can have a kid and give it a silly name. I'm quite capable of naming my son something like "Fonzie." If my father had his way my name would be Genghis Reginald right now. Don't put anything past me. I'm dangerous...


I finished paying off my car loan last month (Free at last, thank God almighty!!) and now I have all this money in my bank account that would of usually gone to that. I'm puzzled as to what I should do with it. It's either music equipment (did I tell you I'm in a band???) or a new computer. My computer is on loan from my uncle. Who's only purpose to lend it to me was to hold it over my head. He really believs that if he loans you something, that he just bought you for awhile. Every chance he gets, he brings up the computer that he loaned me. And how ungrateful I am because I think George W Bush is nothing more then a last name, and he thinks he's a genius. So, I gotta' give him it back soon. It's a piece of shit anyway.




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