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Funky muzak!

Aw yeah, white people! I just went ova' to and ordered my ass some "100 Piano Masterpieces"

I can't wait to roll down the street with my doggs pumping

"Piano Concerto No. 2 In C Minor" by my boyee Rachmaninov. I'll be getting some crazy bitches dropping that shit!

Best thing about it too, is dat' it's all instumental. No jive singing. What I like to do is lay down my own phat phunky rhymes to it. Like on Moonlight Sinata by Beethoven (Or Master B as he's known in da' hood) I wrote this rap about this pimp who ain't been gettin' no pussy and he goes walking down the ghetto at night, all fucked up and shit. Wishing he had five dollar so he could get a ho. Den', this boyz momma comes out and sees this motherfucker and decides to fuck him because she feels sorry for his no-pussy-gettin ass.

See, this type of music makes me realize that dreams really can come true.

And for dat's boys momma...

It'll be coming all over her chin!



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