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Fuck you, I fucking quit you fucking peice of Turkey shit!

Well, my "wonderful" job that I'm always raving about has fallen from grace. I got a set up call from one of the editors here disguising themself as a customer. I handled the call the way I was told to by my team leader. The way I've done a hundred times before. About 10 seconds after I hang up on the customer my supervisor comes over to me and asks me to log off the phone and "follow him" So, yeah. I could tell great things are about to happen to me. I was one minute late for work and I thought that's what this was about. He leads me into a room where the department manager "Anne" is waiting for me. I sit down and "Anne" starts in with "did you just take a call from 'such-n-such'?"

Mind you- "Anne" was SCREAMING this. She was totally out of control. I said yes, making sure I was making good eye contact, doing my best to NOT look intimidated by her but it was futile. She came back with THAT WAS CATHY FUCKING SMITH!!!! (Cathy was the editor, and yes, she did say "fucking") She went on to say what I "Fucking" did wrong and how "Fucking" Cathy is "Fucking" going to pass the "Fucking" word to "Fucking" Robert, (the president!) Somewhere in the mix she chucked a little booklet at me she was holding onto. I wasn't ready for this, this was just all out insanity. I asked her if it was necessary to keep the dialog like we were a couple of truck drivers. She growled... I then explained to her what I was instructed to do by my team leader. I also told her what really happened on the phone because she was just too out of control to listen correctly when she was informed of my shortcomings, and just filled in the blanks on her own. After I told her that I was just following my orders from my team leader. She then seemed a bit confused and saddened that she couldn't use the "F" word anymore. The supervisor guy peeped in and told me that the way I was doing it was wrong and not to do it again. Then I was dismissed. No apology, no nothing. I left that room with full intention of grabbing my "Fucking" coat and getting the fuck out of there. I don't know who the fuck she thinks she is by talking to me like I was a dog. The only people who've ever talked to me in that way were my father and maybe a couple of kids when I was younger. The words she was using were fighting words. If she was a guy, I'd of popped her. Because when you're screaming in somebody's face like that, what you're doing is setting up the scene for a brawl. Your getting your own adrenaline pumping and the other person's as well. But obviously she wasn't looking for fisticuffs with me. What she was doing was really cowardly, actually. She knows that I couldn't scream back at her, much less use physical action to defend her assault against my dignity.

And here's why...

A) She's a woman

B) She's my boss

C) I'm not a threatening guy at all.

So she was taking full advantage of the fact that she can say anything that she wants to me and I have to sit there and take it. She knew that I knew that, and that's just cowardly.

So, I take this shit real hard. I went home and smoked about a thousand cigarettes. Was pacing back and forth in my house. I couldn't even sleep. The worst part about it is that not 10 minutes after my reprimand, I heard her fucking laughing it up with her pals in her office. Not about me, but it just showed me that it was no big deal to her.

She walked by me yesterday and said "Good afternoon, Jon!" I didn't say anything back. I just looked straight ahead and kept walking with this mean look on my face that I've perfected using the muscles I have in my eyebrows. (I can look pretty fucking scary when I want to!) It was the only thing I could do to keep myself from losing it.

I do kinda' regret that I didn't walk out. I shouldn't let anybody EVER treat me like a dog. It's total bullshit, this whole thing. If she just said she's sorry for the way she acted I could accept that, but she hasn't.

I'm so mad I could fucking spit.


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