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I think I hear a train coming....

My life has improved a morsel upon the arrival of Time/Life's "100 Great Piano Masterpieces." Boy does that music ever help you sleep. I was listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen

and Nick Drake

to help me sleep, but those guys just get my head too wound up. I mean look at them. Nick killed himself and Leonard is just a pure victim of his education.

Gimme' some Master B (Beethoven) anyday.

Well, I'm still chugging along. I should be getting my car back tomorrow from the repo place. The good news is that the bank mistated what I owed them and it turns out that I had to pay them $100 less then what was previously thought. Ain't that a kick in the buttocks?

I love my dad SO much for buying the fitness center. I had to watch the place for a couple hours yesterday. What a hard job that was. Just sitting there watching all these girls get sweaty. My father tried to throw some money my way but I insisted on not being paid. I just told him that I loved him, and that he was the best dad, ever!

God bless my dad!

(..and the sweaty gym girls he has brought into my life.....)



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