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I'm talking about the love, baby!

Just a quick one right now.

I wanna share something that I found out today.

See, my grandfather who died, was my step-grandfather. Him and my grandmother got married when they were in their sixties.

What I found out during the funeral was that they actually dated when they were teenagers.

They went out for about a year. From what I was told, he wanted to get married but my grandmother didn't at the time, so they broke up.

He got married to someone else, and my grandmother got swept away by a handsome frenchman, my grandfather. About 50 years later, both of their spouces passed away and they got married to each other.

Now, folks, you know I'm all about the love. I'm sure I've proven myself to all of you on that. But now you know it's in my blood.

Let's just stay silent for a second while we all gives thanks to the POWER that is the LOVE!!!!



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