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He ain't a yuuuuuuuppppppy, he's my brotheeeeeeeeeeeerrrr.......

Hey folks.

Boring ass weekend, but hey. If I wanted a world of excitement I wouldn't be living in Connecticut now, would I? I mean nobody has a gun to my head. You all know how I want to live in Canada, yet I'm still here. Woe is me.

Have I introduced you all to my brother yet?

Well, here he is!

The retard on the right is your author. This was taken on the day "Brother Jason" graduated from the police adacemy. I took the opportunity to try out the cop outfit and do a little "Macho-macho man!!!!"

See, Jason is one year two months and three days older then me. Not too far apart in at all in age, yet we couldn't be more different then each other.

Jason has always been a jock, I always hated sports. That always causes trouble. The jocks and the rock-guys will never get along. Ever. And when you have two brothers not only sharing a roof, but a kinda' hate each others guts. We never got along at all. Growing up he hung out with all the kids who had "school spirit" and would listen to bands like Bon Jovi (still does!) My friends were a little different. We'd encourage each other to shower as infrequent as posible. I listened to bands like the Sex Pistols and partied. A lot of the reason I didn't like him so much wasn't his fault, It was my mom's. That's right, my mom's.

She would always nag at me like "why to you dress nice like your brother Jason? Jason doesn't have rips in HIS jeans...." Or "I don't know why you have to hang around those kind of people? Why don't you get nice friends like your brother Jason??"

I was so sick of hearing about my "Brother Jason" that it drove me nuts. I really use to think that he did all that stuff (like homework) just to piss me off. I mean, who the fuck was he kidding? And when he signed up for the army for 5 years when he was 18, that just confirmed for me that he'd go to ANY lengths just to upstage me. I mean, at the time I was 17 and battling a drug addiction while getting a daily beating by my girlfriend. I thought playing the bass was a trade, like anything else you learn in school. A wise career choice, and all that.. I now understand the difference, seeing all the benefits they through at him. Complete health care, a housebuying plan, money for college. Those things seem pretty yummy to me right now.

Anyways, we're starting to become brothers for the first time. He's getting married in about a year and I think we've both are ready to put that "Jockguy vs. Rockguy" thing behind us. I needed money when my car got taken away from me and called him. All he said was "How much?" and "Do you need cash, or is a check alright?" What a standup guy! I hung out with him at his place for a night and had a really good time.

I mean, he's still a fucking yuppy-fuck! But, what can I do? I'm gonna' have him and the wife over for dinner soon. That should be weird.

Well, I'm gonna go play my guitar.



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