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I think someone needs to shoot ME!

Been reading more news today and thought I'd let ya'll in on where Genghis Jon stands on the shooting craze. OK, now shooting people is wrong. I don't think you need me to explain that. There's plenty of attention via the media on what going around-shooting people does. The senselessness of it all, I'm not gonna' teach you anything about that. But what has been getting NO media attention is how some of these kids are just brutalized. I mean, we all know how high school politics work. The pretty girls are at the top of the food chain. The better looking you are, the higher up on the status chain you are. Personality, intelligence, and all that means nothing. Because when you're pretty all the guys want to be with you. And all the girls want to be you

That's power. Now, it's different for guys. Looks really don't matter too much for us. It's more about how domanant you are, and how well you can lead people. So, looks are what makes an "Alpha-female" and dominance makes an "Alpha-male"

Everyone else is left behind. A lot are not that far removed from the top catagories, but inferior nevertheless.

So, the standards are set and the "popular" crew is on an evey vigilant watch for whatever poor soul DARES not to abide by the law.

How DARE some girl not be concerned about looking as much like Christina Aguilara as possible? That person DESERVES what's given to her!!

And even worse, someone that was not God-gifted with such attributes as great looks and a snappy personality? Someone that doesn't play by the rules or are incapable to?

Treated like dogs.

Shy-fat girls are the lowest on the social ladder, we all know that. They are the easiest targets. A girl that lacks great looks and has a lacking personality is treated like dirt. The only worth people can see in them is letting them know what a piece of shit they are. They aren't treated like human beings because they guys don't want them, and the girls don't want to be them. So what good are they?

They can't defend themselves, and no one will stick up for them for the fear of getting the same treatment. As human beings, it is requirment to have social interation with our peers. That's how we deal with emotions. We talk about them and interact with people. When we are denied this, we suffer psychologically. When people pick on a defensless girl (like this incident) because she's "fat" and "different" it's very much abuse. Not unlike hurting someone psyically. It's just as painfull, if not more so. This girl went so far as to cut her own self. Can you imagine the pain one has to feel to cut their own arm with a razor? To feel anything else except the pain that they're feeling they have to mutilate themselves? God, that's horrific.

But unfortunately, you don't read about that in the paper.

That type of abuse isn't news worthy. But we've all witnessed it, or've felt it. I know I've had my share. And to be honest the thought of coming to school with my dad's gun did run across my mind a couple of times. Not because I wanted to hurt anybody. I know I'd never bring it loaded if I was going to do it. But I really felt the need to stop becoming a victim. That was the only thing that could take the power away from the jock-assholes that needed to remind me on a daily basis how strong they were and puny I was. Luckily I was smart enough to understand that they were only doing it to feel good about themselves, and if that's the way they go around doing sort of thing, it's gotta' make for a tough life. I was lucky to have some self-esteem. I didn't get picked on THAT much, not compared to some others. But that's only because I wasn't that weak. So other kids got it a lot more then I did, the weaker the better.

This was just a girl that never did anything to anybody. So she was fat, does that make it OK to have a group of cowardly fucks chase her home from school and humiliate her? I think not. Those kids were playing hardball when they started doing that. I'm sure they were pretty confident that they were safe from any retribution from her or else the chicken shits wouldn't of done anything.

Now that she brought a gun to school and shot a classmate, that makes her the one that's the most wrong. I'm not denying that. But were these just innocent kids being caught in the crossfire of some lunatic with a gun? No. The cruel game that THEY started had backfired. If they just treated her like a human being, instead of a sick comedy show, this would never of happened. They are partly to blame, period.

Now, don't confuse this with the Columbine incident. That was different. Those kids were just psychopaths. They shot and killed everybody. They didn't care who they were shooting. That's different then what I'm talking about here, so be easy with the emails you send....

I know I'm being quite pissy lately, and I appologize for that. I've been ranting a lot lately, and have more coming soon (see my guestbook where I'm called a "Dick". I'll be addressing that soon....)

Not to get anyone crying, but my dad had a heart attack and is having surgery today. That's another story I'll be writing soon. I'm getting ahead of myself here, but as you can imagine I'm pretty stressed out. I made a point to pick a fight with one of my friends last night. I just can't sleep at night until I know that everyone is as miserable as me. I'm feeling more "Genghis" lately.

Hide your children...



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