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FLLLLLEEEESSSH! Flesh for fantasy....

What a motherfucker of a weekend! The weather was CRAZY! I'm talking like 88 degrees! How am I gonna stay know as "The White Boy" with sunshiny weather like that?


It was a good weekend. Friday night I went to the casino with this motherfucker. Mick is the shit. We have a blast together no matter where we go.

So, at the casino, we walk by the pictures of upcoming performers. The one that stood out for us was Billy Idol. I says to Mick, "Holy crap! We gotta go see him!" Mick agrees and we look for the date of his performance. "April 20th" it read. "FUCK, THAT'S TONIGHT!" Me and my 80's glam-loving compadre exclaimed in angst.

So we rushed to the box office where we inquired how much tickets where (as if that mattered... This is Vital Idol!) The ticket lady informed us that he's only got about three more songs left.

What the fuck?

Anyways, to make a long story short, some drunk came out and offered Mick his ticket. Mike got to see the last three songs. That bastard. Mony, Mony, LA Woman, and something else. I was hoping Mick would meet a Billy Idol slut and get gonorrhea. Fuckface.

While Mick was seeing The Cyberpunk, I was losing money at the Acey-ducey table. All I was thinking about was that if I win money then it'd be OK I didn't see Idol. When Mick showed up without a trace of gonorrhea I was displeased. Ugh, anyways Kenny Rogers will be coming soon so I have that to look forward to.


Cause I gots to know when to hold 'em (starts doing beat box with his mouth) Know when to hold 'em. (Ya'LL!) Know when to walk away, bitch....MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!! Know when to run....

Gotta' run.



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