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Why the fuck would anyone want to be a republican???

OK, after careful deliberation I've decided the next poor sap I'm gonna take my hostilities out on is this twat!

She seems pretty smart writing republican crap to no one. But once she gets Genghis 'F-ing' Jon in the ring, playtime will be over.

I know I was joking a little while back about "if I were in high school I'd be a young repuplican." But that was just a joke. I can't stand these idiots. I have no idea how a republican can take themself seriously. I really have no freegin' idea!!! What's more, how anyone could choose George Dubya' as a president? I wouldn't put him in charge of my liquor cabinet!!! I think he used his old family connections to win the primaries. Once he was the "republican candidate" that was it. Everyone that's a republican stood behind him without question. Scary shit. Republicans would stand behind Bugs Bunny if he somehow became the "Republican candidate." Anyways, I called her an idiot in her guestbook. Hopefully she'll take the bait.

We'll see



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