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Genghis Jon sells out....

Howdy, ya'll.

Heard any good

diary songs lately?

Pretty funky beat going on there, huh?

Or how about diaries?

Read any erotic entries

Ha! I fooled you. That wasn't erotic at all.

Maybe my great grandparents might of gotten a little excited over it.

But my prediction is if this guy gets a thousand visitors a day, not one will leave with an erection.

I mean...

" finger's radiate around your sensual bra. You know, how much I love such a gorgeous bra. Oh, God, I don't think I can take it..."

I don't think I can take it either.

I think the lucky lady he's with should leave the fellow alone with her bra.

Fucking weirdo.

And don't send me hate mail, and guestbook entries telling me how mean I am!!!!

The author is from Connecticut.

I have a God given right to talk smack about people from Connecticut, and the French.


Guess who got asked by a certain someone to play bass with his rock n' roll band at an upcoming music festival in Toronto?

Why it's moi, of coarse!

Tell me how much ass would I kick in Toronto, playing rock star for a weekend. Tell me!

Anyways, I'm really excited about that. All I have to do is get permission from my corporate job to get that day off.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, you'd be surprised how these places tend not to be as sympathetic to the cause as you'd like to think.

We'll see. i can always call in sick. But that would look a little fishy if I was denied the day, and then suddenly got "sick" that day.

"Wow, what a coincidence boss. Got sick on the day I wanted off to play in a rock n' roll show and I get the flu. What are the odds of that? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle....."

So anyways someone wrote in their buddy list about me? Anyways, "this girl" (I won't mention her name.) But she wrote that if I mention her in my diary, that's she would join my diary ring.


Like I'd ever sell out like that, give me a break!



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