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Boston, here I come!

Well, I've finally started shitting bricks over the shows I'll be doing with The Dead City Rockers

See, this band isn't for everyone. You either "get the joke" or you don't. We don't play really difficult music, and we don't take ourselves very seriously. We just get up there and play the same three chords over and over and sing about rock n' roll and how we love it so, and that's about it.

We're fun, we like to act stupid, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Audience members that are uptight, or "don't get the joke" tend not to respond too well to us.

My fear is that we'll be playing at the NXNE festival in Toronto to a croud full of people that don't "get it"

How miserable that would be. Nothing worse then playing the bass while shaking on the floor to a croud full of frat guys shouting out for Kid Rock songs.

Anyways, I did a little research about it. The club we're playing at is called The Bovine Sex Club

The bands we're playing with are as follows....

Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra- A Ska ensemble. No website, but I did hear a song by them. Great name, huh?

The Hassle- A trio of "garage mommas" No website either, but I'm sure they're as ferocious as I can imagine.

And going on right before us will be White Cowbell Oklahoma

Their bio boasts that they have up to NINE guitar players, and sometimes resort to nudity to get the croud going. I think they have about 30 members in the band. Great. Put them on before us, get the croud into the chaos of the excitment of watching 30 Canadians making fun of Americans, then put our puny 3-man, American act on. We literally have 10% of the members they have. Good grief.

And after The Rockers the night will end with Jackson Sanitorium. Jackson Sanitorium have eluded my massive research skills, so we'll have to see what they're like. I'm hoping they're disco. I haven't seen a good disco band in a long, long time.

Wanna' hear a good saying? It's pretty common down south. OK, someone asks you something like "Should I call you today or tomorrow?" you can reply "Well, one's six, the other's a hlf-dozen." Pretty cool huh?

Tonight, after work I'm straight up to Boston. I promise I'll write about all the crazy antics I've had when I get back.

Be sure to stay tuned.

Until then, au revoir, mes amours!


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