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This might be the Nyquil talking.....

I had a great weekend.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but I've fell ill and remain so. I'm not a born writer, so it's twice as hard for me to sit down and recap when I'm sickly, but here goes'....

Thurday in Cambridge.

My excitement of meeting Big Jen feel through. Seems she didn't get to see me on stage so I guess she couldn't pick me out in the croud. She informed me that she'd be wearing a red shirt.

She was NOT wearing a red shirt.

Every female there wearing anything close to red was harassed by me.

Anyways, Jen. Sorry I missed you. I wasn't the fellow in the hat. I was wearing a green turtleneck.

The show went alright. i fucked up a couple of times, but it was OK. The other bands that night were good too.

The Mockingbirds were great. Th lead singer is so damn hot it depressed me. Me and Mick kept looking at each other like "holy crap!" She was just too damn fucking hot! The downfall is that she knows it. She totally carries herself like every guy in the place wants to screw her. Which was true, but she could at least pretend that we don't, right????

The last band Inner Pink was just awesome. They really can put on a show, and have good songs as well. Check them out if they come to your neighborhood. Tell 'em Genghis sent you.

So we stayed for the whole show, got out at abou 2:00 AM and went home. Slept as much as possible and got up around 5:30. Long, crazy drive to Toronto. Including a stop at a Mobile station in upstate New York where I broke the world's record of stupidity by paying $6.50 for a pack of cigarettes. Can you believe that? I had a moment where I really understood the level of how badly I'm addicted to nicatine when I handed over $6.50 for a pack of carbon Monoxide.

OK, right now I'm feeling a little loopy.

It probably wasn't such a grand idea to take Nyquil before I head to work, huh?

I'm so high right now it's ridiculous.

I have a strange desire to listen to some Grateful Dead.

Anyways, I'll have more on the Toronto trip when I "come down"

Click here to read a review of the show that, actually, we're kinda' proud of.....

And click here to check out me rocking the bass like only Genghis Jon can!

I gotta' go take a nap now.

Wait, I can't. I'm at work!

Ah, who cares...........?


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