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We should all be upset.....

Well, I'm sure most of you by now has read the hysterical, psycho-babble of our dear, sweet Conservachic.

I truly feel honored that she found the time to put down her banjo and done tendin' to her youngins' to write about lil' old me.

Sorta' ironic how she writes such a long entry on how I don't effect her. Last time I checked in, I was gonna' get sued and arrested for writing in her guestbook.

Well, at least I can stop running from the law. (phew)

And as Bill pointed out in my guestbook, for someone that claims not to be a liberal, she sure is pretty damn liberal with the "LOL's"

But anyways, my gift in life is to bring out people's true colors. The hypocrisy on Ms. Chic's latest entry is astonishing! How she accuses me of "kindergarten insults" over and over again, while she throws everything but the kitchen sink at me is pure poetry!

She even went as far as saying that I can't get laid, and nobody has heard of my band!

Wowee, zowee!!!

Double ouch!!!!

Well, from what her husband tells me, they've conceived all their children while listening to the Dead City Rockers

I can't confirm that, that's just what I've heard.

I can confirm that she did write me a little while ago asking if we could sell her some Dead City Rocker edible underwear.

I told her we didn't have her size (double-extra gross)and I think that's when she started getting all grumpy towards me.

But that's neither here nor there.

What I would like to discuss is the core of this rift I'm involved in, and why I am involved in it.

First off, I want to draw attention to how silly it is for me, as a male to argue with her, as a female, in her right to choose.

It seems too easy to say "hey, you don't like abortions, don't have one. Don't tell the rest of us what to do..." But I'm sure that'll go right over her head. She takes her orders from the church, which is fine....for her! But don't mix the church and the government. Not in America, pal!

Now, the whole Roe vs. Wade thing is pretty much done with as far as we can see. The Supreme court has stated numerous times that they do not want to revisit that. But of coarse, things change. President Dubya' will be appointing 3 or 4 judges during his term in the whitehouse. Who he puts there will dramatically effect the future for women's right to choose.

Still think it won't happen? Check this out.

"Bush said in the statement his administration would attempt to "build a culture of life, affirming that every person, at every stage and season of life, is created in God's image."

It never ceases to amaze me how the GOP is so behind everything the constitution and the bill of rights says (particularly the first amendment) except for that pesky "separation of church and state."

There is one motivation behind every anti-abortionist and that's the christian religion.

Now, the reason why the christian, right-wing, wackos have so much power (other then the fact that they are a bunch of violent snipers and bombers, thinking this is what Jesus would do if he was here)is because we let them.

People, I swear, if I had a dime for every email I got saying "hey Genghis, I'm so with you on what you're saying, but I don't want to get involved....." I'd have diamonds in my teeth.

Look, the main power the republicans have is that they're vocal, and stand up every chance they get. The left do NOT!

They're not afraid to protest anywhere. They protest at funerals for gay people for crying out loud!!! Can you imagine, if you had a brother that was gay and died of AIDS, being at his funeral and having to deal with protesters?? Or how about Mathew Sheppard, the poor kid was beaten to death, and left for dead and his family had to deal with a bunch of religious radicals waving signs that read "Fags burn in hell!"

This is all of our fault. Every time we let a politician talk about homosexuals as leading "alternative lifestyles" and we don't do anything, this is our fault. Everytime an abortion clinic gets blown to pieces, or a doctor gets shot in the head, this is our fault.

The vast majority of Americans accept homosexuals as everyday people, and think they should enjoy the same benefits and protections that our constitution offers it's citizens. So why aren't they? Because we don't let ourselves be heard that we will not tolerate any form of injustice towards our citizens. And that's just sad, if not criminal.

As Americans, we should know better. Our past with slavery, segregation, and hostility towards Africans is a permanent mark of shame on this country. As we've learned from that, and are growing out of that, we should be as determined as ever to not let such a thing happen again. Not to anyone, ever! But the way so many people, who are as like minded as myself, just let shit happen, and don't stand up and let themselves be heard, leads to all this.

Every time their is a group of 50 people protesting at someone's funeral, their should be 5,000 of us protesting them. But we can't be bothered.

Well, I for one am tired of this shit. I don't care if I'm the only one speaking up. When I run across a site that is condemning abortion, I'm gonna' speak up. I'm going to remind you that America is run by the people, for the people and of the people. We have a separation of church and state here. If that doesn't fit you, then there are plenty of other countries where you're free to reside that can accommodate you're religious beliefs along with your political ones. You say you're American and shouldn't have to move? Well, part of being an American is separating church and state. You weigh out the options and make a decision. And yes, I am going to call you a "dumb twat" because that is what you are! (Another part of being an American is freedom of speech.) Make no mistake, the far right is dangerous. Their ideal goal is dictatorship. They do not respect people who are different from themselves, and take their orders from the church. That makes them very dangerous. As an American, it should be all of our duty to stand up against this.

And in regards to abortion, hey. Nobody is "pro-abortion." It's not a goodtime for anybody. It's a choice. Between a women and whoever else she chooses to console with. A woman in this country is raped every 6 seconds. And a lot of them get pregnant. Maybe instead of standing outside a clinic, trying to throw rocks at a 16 year old girl who got raped by some 40 year old, they could act like real christians and love her unconditionally and offer help in the way she needs it.

Until that day, the war rages on.

And I'm not gonna' be quiet, and I'm not gonna' stop provoking.

Nor should you



PS...all republican chics ARE fat and ugly.


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