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I'm suppose to protest...

From my guestbook....

"i just stopped by to say hi, as it's been suggested that we should argue. curiously, i have no such desire to do so."

-Now, why does everybody think that I'm some sort of cretin that just goes around looking for fights? Nothing could be further from the truth. Any verbal combat I allow myself to be involved in always starts with me either me being attacked, or someone using their diary as an open forum to express their opinion. I strongly support such a forum, and encorage everyone to speak their mind. But if you're gonna' be writting some cocky political propaganda, I'm sure you'd expect some criticism. Or at least you'd better. I mean, I certainly do. The way I look at it, if you got the nuts to put up such radical opinions and can't defend them when someone calls you a twat for doing so, then hey, that sounds like a personal problem. GJ can't help you there.

"though i do wonder why, as the liberal you are, that you're so intolerant of other people's political views?"

- That's not a fair question. How "tolerant" are you of nazism? It's ironic you should brand me "intolerant", when it's actually the intolerance itself that plays such a key roll in your party's agenda that I take strong issue with. But if you mean "tolerant of people's right to express their political mind." Hey, I never told anybody they don't have the right to say what they feel. The only one told to "shut up" was yours truely...

"because you believe in tolerance, right? if you're so concerned about the evil agenda of the right-wing, perhaps your time might be better spent trying to affect some real sort of social change, as opposed to ranting on diaryland or trying to start arguments with people you happen to disagree with. "

- Well, I'm here on diaryland. You're here on diaryland. If I went away that would leave you and conservaTwat with all the say, and no one to ballance it out. If I read some right-wing spew, ridden with "intolerance", you're saying I should take it to the streets as opposed to challenging issues with the source? Naw, I think I'll just keep doing it my way, thanks.

And, you somehow assume that I am an "internet activist" I'm afraid whatever source you trusted is incorrect. I'm very, very active in my local politics. And aways giving my elected servants a hard time. (Being a political activist in my party doesn't require me to picket funerals or threaten pregnant teenagers...)

"you know, go do some protesting or something."

- I'm protesting the fact that work won't let me leave early on my last day before my vacation, so I've already beat you to it.

"and lastly, while this is certainly subjective, i've never been referred to once as ugly or fat."

- Well, send me a picture. Let's have a look at ya. How the hell can I confirm that?


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