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Even latino women love El Genghis!


Check out this email I got found in my inbox....

HI :)

mi name is Brenda, I am from mexico, y see you en

the pic of messenger hotmail, i wana said, you are so

cute, i will send you me pic, i wondering if you want

to be me friend :)?

i waiting for your mail :)





Ay caramba!

Don't worry little Gabby/Brenda. I'd love to be your friend. Just as long as you don't refer me to a website where I can view you and your latino lady friends with my credit card, you got yourself a pal.

What a hot tamala she is, huh? I usually just delete these kinds of emails, but this one did seem kinda' legit.

I'm all done with the on-line romances, e-girlfriends and all that.

But this girl just makes me do the Lambada (The Forbidden Dance! Remember that movie?)

I'd sure like to make an American out of her......if you know what I mean? (GJ lifts sunglasses and winks)

But I'm sure she'd hate it here in CT. Those pictures of her out in the sun were probably taken in January.

Her first month here she'd probablyy be like "O, Senior Genghis! How do you say....? Snow is so lovely! Si, I love it here with you, Senior Genghis!"

Then after about 10 months of getting pounded by the lousy snow she's gonna' get all like "Ay, bendaho! This is you say....BULLSHIT! Mi maracas are freezing off! Siro Cabrone!!!"

So, yeah I can't see it hitting off with her. Too bad too, she's a babe.


Hey, did I tell you about my week off? Holy crap! I'll write about that either tonight or tomorrow....


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