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Girls, girls, girls...


Exciting and new.

Come aboard.

We're expecting yoooooooooooouuuuuu...

The LOOOOVE Boat.......

The weekend was cool.

As you know, I went up to visit my new love interest, Holly, at her house near Boston.

It was a little awkward, I mean we made plans for me to sleep over there. So that kinda' put pressure on me to hit it off with her no matter what, less I'd be driving home at 3:00 AM.

I made it up there on Saturday at about 4:00.

Holly is really kinda' shy. And, although I'm not one you would call shy. I am shy when I'm with someone who is shy. especialy a girl I've taking a liking to.

So, we sent about 45 minutes trying to figure out what to do. She had no suggestions. I wasn't familiar with the area (nor her for that matter) to suggest anything.

So we did what everyone does when they want to go out but don't know where they want to go.

We went to Starbucks.

Stop booing!

We went to Starbucks, then to some park she didn't know the name of.

We sat on a park bench and tried to make conversation. We went through every minute detail of our lives, leaving out the potential risky personal stuff.

She's a hard person to have a conversation with.


She'll sit in silence for quite awhile before bringing up something to say.

After the park we went for some Indian food. I suggested the Indian food, she never had it and I said "Hey, try something new."

She fucking hated it.

We went back to her place for some more awkward, bordom.

Usually I'll blame the girl on this. But for some reason, I really liked her.

She wasn't quiet because she was uninteresting. She's quiet in a mysterious way.

She clued me in on the fact that she had a troubled past. I told her we have a lot in common because I have a troubled future.

But seriously, I'm totally drawn to women that are "troubled." Maybe that's why I can't ever be happy in a relationship, but what can I do?

My growing up was pretty fucked up too, but nothing like hers. She's been through some shit I couldn't even imagine. She's very fucking strong.

We decided to either see a movie, or rent one. We ended up renting one because we were too lazy to walk 3 blocks to the movie place.

So after walking 5 blocks to Blockbuster Video, we picked out "Welcome to the Doll House" and "Snatch"

I've seen WttDH before, and it gets better everytime.

Snatch was fucking annoying. With those stupid accents and all. Why can't people in England just fucking speak English like we do in America?

Holly usually goes to bed around 9:30.

At around 2:00AM she was getting tired.

I wasn't letting her go to sleep until I made out with her, so my time was running out.

I said my usual line when I'm in this kind of situation...."Wanna' make out?"

She giggled, and 20 minutes later we were!

Hot dog.

We slept all day Sunday.

We kept trying to wake up, but didn't accomplish the task until about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Oy, nothing like waking up at 3:00 PM.

We got something to eat, and went back to her place and just hung out some more.

When I got home I got a call from a mutual friend that gave me the dish on her.

She's interested, obviously, but wants to get to know me a little better.

We didn't have sex, but we were foolin' around a little bit.

I think it bothered her some how far we went.

I can understand that, I was a little excited on meeting a girl I was really interested in. I went at her like a 15 year old boy with a $20 ho.

She mentioned to our friend that she wants to establish a relationship over the phone, so we can get to know each other a little better before we start bopping around again.

You all know what that hard-to-get thing does to me.

It makes me follow you around.

I dig this girl.

I really hope I don't open my big, stupid mouth and blow it.



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