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Just the Fax.

Holy snap! (Trying not to swear)

I just got a fax today, sent from some place called The Institute for Diary Research and Development.

I never knew such a place existed!

Here's what it reads...

Dear Mr. Genghis Jon

Good day.

As you may know, we here at The Institute for Diary Research and Development are at a never ending persuit for the ultimate diary.

While, no diary is actually perfect. Some are indeed more perfect than others.

You'll be happy to know Mr. Jon, that our research has discovered that your diary is one of them.

Our team at the research lab have been conducting tests on your diary for several months now and the results are in! We've concluded, based on tireless hours of analyzing data. To the best of our accuracy, we concluded that your diary sucks a total of 11.3% less than every other diary out there.

Let me remind you again, that, no diary id perfect. You still suck. But be assured that you suck less, on average, then most competors out there.

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

-Lawrence P. Hegland

-Director of Diary Research

-Institute for Diary Research and Development


Left-Handed people stink!

Wow, ain't that cool?

Hey, do you have a diary? Huh? Do ya'? Huh?

Well, you suck more then I do.

Sucker! 11.3% suckier then me.



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