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Holy Snap! (Trying not to swear) Another two entry day!!!!!

Do you guys like poerty?

I didn't write this poem, but what I did was

exchange the words "making love" for "crotch dipping".

The result, I think, is pure magic....


I misinterpreted his emotions and let my heart melt into his thoughts and saw that it meant nothing. He crotch dipped me and then walked away with no emotion, time after time, and still I continued breaking my own heart, in the his interest and keeping hope that he could crotch dip me with real love. I finally had to realize no matter what I did he was using me and would never crotch dip me like I did him. I let his mind-games control my life and found myself living in too much of a fantasy that I created in my mind and I finally awoke when he said "I'll always crotch dip you as a friend." Those words broke my heart and finally I had to let go. I need to be crotch dipped with someone's heart, and nothing else....

-Genghis Jon


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