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Oh no....a satanist (yawn....)

For those of you who are new to the Diaryland family, I welcome you.

Diaryland is 99.9% a happy fun place, filled with kind folk that are God-fearing, and believe in typical American values.

But, I do feel I need to warn you about the other .1%


Sarrowzend Fear him people! He's anti-establishment!

Can you believe that?? A teenager that is anti-establishment!!! How unique! How horrific!!!

And it get's worse kids......he's an Atheist!


I tell ya, I've never seen anything like that in all my day.

Sure, I was a pretty crazy teenager myself once. But, golly-gee-wizz we never did anything like that!

Oh dear lord, that Marilyn Mason is just the wackiest thing I've ever seen! Who could top that! Boy, he sure scares me, lemme' tell ya'...

Not to bust on this kid too much, but c'mon. Marilyn Manson fans are just retarded. He ain't scaring anybody. Nobody's impressed. Try listening to that crazy German band those Columbine kids went ape-shit over. What were they called? Rammstein? Ram-me-up-the-behind? They're a little scary just because they're German and have that Nazi image to them. But Marilyn Manson is as scary as my grandmother. I mean he's MTV friendly and whatnot! C'mon kid, you're never gonna' piss off mom and dad with that image!

Anyways, my biggest gripe is that he deleted a guestbook entry I made.

I was being good, I swear!

I just asked a legitamate question. I said "how come if you claim to be an Atheist, you're a member of the Church of Satan? I mean, Satan himself believes in God! He's also a key player in the bible! You know, it's like saying you don't believe in God, but you believe in the Arch-angel Michael. It just don't jive."

I was hoping she would explain it to me, but I don't think he could figure it out either.

C'mon kid, you look silly having that "Diary of an Atheist" (shudder!) logo in front of a pentagram. That's such a contradiction.

But you can't tell kids anything these days. Mainly because they'll shoot you. Or they'll cut "Slayer" in their arm and gross you out with it.

God (no pun intended) the shit we thought was cool when we were young. I mean, I was a little retard, like this dude too. But I could of benefited a little from some guy on an on-line diary telling me that.

I never worshipped Satan or anything like that, I always new how old an dumb that was. But I did shave off my eyebrows once after seeing Pink Floyd's The Wall for the one-millionth time. I could identify with the lead character being lonely, and misunderstood. I felt different and wanted to show that to people by doing something different. I mean, negative attention IS attention after all. It's a hell of a lot better having people ask why the fuck you don't have any fucking eyebrows, than having nobody notice you at all. That's obviously what this boy is doing. And there's nothing wrong with that. We all need attention anyway we can get it, I'm living proof. But it just saddens me how unoriginal kids are getting. I mean, the Satan thing is so old. Black Sabbath was doing that in the early seventies. It was scary then, but we got use to it and has become wicked "ho-hum". He needs to find a different thing, one that hasn't been done before. Something that people don't understand. My eyebrow thing, nobody understood that. I had to explain myself to people. I use to say something like "Eyebrows are to shade the light, there is no light in my life..." or something that required a fucking violin in the background. But Satan? Shit, we all know about that. It's dumb, it's old. It's on MTV. How are you gonna' claim being unique when you're into an MTV band?

Who wants to bet he's gonna' be The Smith's biggest fan when she hits college. I got $20 on it!


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