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I hate thinking up titles....

So I started the I Hate You Ring, right? Thinking that it would be a kinda' funny. Kinda' tounge and cheek humor... You know, hahaha....kinda kooky....? It never accured to me that it would become a magnet for those wacky goth kids to try to scare people with. I feel like I should of just started the Marilyn Manson Diaryring, or maybe the Trenchcoat Mafia Diaryring.... Boy, do I feel stupid. Anyways, tonight I have band practice with The Stairwell Dates and then I'm hitting the road to Boston to see Holly. My girlfriend. I think she's my girlfriend, I'm not sure... I mean, how does one know if she's a taken woman? I usually went by the Toothbrush Rule. The Toothbrush Rule states that if you have a toothbrush that is yours, over a young lady's house, than she is your woman (beware of women with multiple toothbrushes, they are whores.) It's almost like branding them with your logo. I usually give my girlfriend the choice of me leaving my toothbrush over her house, or branding her ass with "Property of Genghis Jon's Ranch" It's not a sexist thing either. Many o' woman has planted their toothbrush in my toothbrush holder. At that point, I know I'm a piece of property. To be bought and sold as she sees fit. It's a strange ritual we homo (sapiens) have. Rather interesting nonetheless. Is it just me, or is everybody breaking up these days. It's like the black plague on love or something. Everybody I know that was all happy and relationshipy 6 months ago, have bought land in Splittsville. This week alone, I must of consoled 4 or 5 heartbroken lads. Poor guys.... Well, better them then me, ay? -GJ


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