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Why I'm so bitter.

Here are some of the stupidest things people have said to me over the phone at work...

"What's your name again, Jon?"

"How often is my annual subscription good for?"

"I put my CD-ROM on top of my hard drive and it doesn't seem to be working.."

"Can I make a copy of your CD-ROM and then send it back to you?"

" I have a 'perscription' to your product" (Instead of 'subscription')

"Good morning. My name name isss.......ughhhhhhh........."

"My expired CD isn't working. Can you tell me why?"

"Can you help me?"

"I need help installing your CD-Rom. Can you tell me how I turn on my computer?"

"The monitor for my computer broke. Can I hook my TV set up to it?"

"This is a little embarrassing but we were usuing the CD-Rom you sent us as a frisbee around the office and it broke. Can you send us another one?"

"Do I need a computer for that?" (CD-Rom)

"I peeled the labels off of the Cd-Roms. Can you tell me which is which?"

"Jon, this is Al. Remember me? I called 8 months ago..."

"You're from Connecticut, huh? Ain't that the state where the Jew boy ran for Vice President?" (From one of our redneck clientele down in Tex-ass. Known for their charm and wicked high IQ's.)

"Any hots chics working there with ya?"(New Jersey)

Customer-"I want to know why my subscrpition was cancelled after 4 months."

GJ-"Because it was never paid for, sir."

Customer- "Jeez, ya'll so picky!"

"Should I be using the mouse with my foot or my hand?"



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