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Diaryland is Un-American!

I tell you, diaryland is going straight to hell!

Hear me? HELL!

When I first came to D-Land, it was a lovely community filled with hard working, loyal American people.

Now a' days it's all smut, littered with crap by any degenerate with a computer.

Seems like the founding father of diaryland is letting anybody into diaryland these days.

Make no mistake about it, Diaryland was created by an American, for Americans, to use to express our American ideals and concerns.

But now that this humble project, that was built on the foundation of American values, has sold it's soul for the almighty dollar. It seems that Mr. Bigshot is now become an agent of the vast left-wing liberal Jews!

That's right! Once them-there Yankee Jews from Jew York outlined to him how much Jew money he could be making if only he played ball by their Jew standards, he signed his American values away, and opened the doors to every piece of garbage out there! Including, but not limited to, coloreds, foreigners, yankees, Jews, lefties, queers, and space aliens.

And now he's even begging for more money. Make no mistake about it people! This here Andrew is a money hungry tycoon, controlled by them Jews to play the sympathy card and ask for donations from us hard working A-mericans!.

That boy should be ashamed of himself! He knows the only people that he's taking money from is us hard working Americans! He certainly ain't gonna' get squat from a mongoloid, or space alien!

This is just Un-American!!!

Just imagine if The Great George W Bush had some free time on the computer and stumbled along Diaryland?

Can you imagine the disgrace that we, as Diaryland, would be dishing out to our fearless, and remarkable president?

Just the thought of how ashamed George W would be in us makes me hang my head low.

Sure, you never thought about that.

We're all having fun here with the Jews and space aliens and all that...

But just think if The Great George W came and saw this.....just think of how let down he'd be.

Here's a man that works tirelessly for our best in and day out.

Putting his superior intellect to work for you and me...we should be ASHAMED to be part of this Un-American place!

That is why I want to start a new tradition.

How this works is.....whenever you're about to make a decission....and you're not sure if you're making the right choice, or the choice that the Jews want you to make. Just ask yourself this simple question. "What would George W. Bush do?"

Once you put yourself in that exhalted position of couldn't fail if you tried!

Well, I'm gonna' go hump one of them-there sheep.

Keep Diaryland American!



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