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Rock da Casbah

Happy Rosh Sahananna to all the Jewish Genghis Jon readers out there!

To all you gentiles out there, Hasha Shannana is the Jewish New Year. It started out 10,000 years ago when early Jews didn't have a calander and had to guess when January 1st was.

To celebrate the day, they eat apples and honey. Contraire to popular opinion that they're eaten because both food items traditionaly are on sale this time of year, it's actually for some reason I'm not sure of.

They also blow a horn too.

Anyways you're probably wondering how I know so much about culture and stuff, and the truth is that I was engaged to a Jew at one time.

Henceforth, I'm accepted into their tribe, and pride myself on being the link from their culture, to ours.

Shallom to all!


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