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Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye...

It is with great pleasure for Lord Genghimus Maximus Jonathan III to announce the contenders to the first "Genghis Jon's Great Big Political Debate Extraordinaire!"

First, I want to thank all you bleeding heart Democrats, and money-lusting Republicans for showing interest in participating in the debates.

I promise I will get to all of you in the future.

Right now let me explain in detail how the debate is gonna work.

I don't know.

Not exactly, I'm still working on it. But let me fill you in on what I do know.

First, your Genghis will handpick three of the most impartial judges on the planet. The judges will ask the participants questions, but their main job will be to monitor the debate, and select a winner.

I understand the notion of having a "winner" is a bit crass, but I wanted something to encourage the debaters to strive for, as oppose to just bitching at each other.

Not that they're not gonna' bitch at each other, but you get my point.

The judges will elect a winner based on how well they answered the question, how well they made their point, and how well they rebutted their opponent.

So without all this fuckin ado, let's introduce the first players...

Representing the conservative right will be the one and only Wicked Sezzy.

Beyond all the tales of fun and games that legendary in her diary, lies a very astute, opinonated young lady. My research indicates that she lived in Washington DC for 4 years, maybe going to school or something. Anyways, she's a conservative and proud and feels she has the facts to back it up. We shall see...


Now, I first thought I'd be putting Sezzy against Idreamtrains. Two reasons why. First they were already starting a mini spat in my guestbook. Second, I thought was unique that the liberal was from down south. Texas of all places! And the conservative was in Yankee New England.

But knowing Idreamtrains as I do, I didn't think it would be a fair fight. I thought Sezzy can be quite snazzy(?) at times, and I don't think Idreamtrains works on that level.

So I was left to find a competitor for Sezzy that had the brains, backbone, and conviction to play Sezzy and whatever she may dish out.

I finally decided on Disco The Kid. Politics play a major role in Disco's diary. The man watches 20 solid hours of CNN everyday so needless to say he's well informed. He has backbone to spare, and is as witty as they come.

I think we'll have a damn fine debate.

God bless America!

(Liberals feel free to take out the 'God' part of the above statement.)


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