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Big Shot

So the other night I was going out to dinner with some friends when one of them said that a mutual friend of ours was going to the casino by himself.

Just mentionng it. Totally not implying anything like we should cancel our diner plans, and drag our empty stomachs down there with him.

we were all talking about how crazy it is to go to the casino on a monday night, let alone by yourself. You have to be a nutcase.

So as we start making our way down to the casino I start thinking to have a lot less self control than you give yourself credit for, pal.

So we get there and I'm adament that I'm not gonna' gamble. I don't have any fuck around money AT ALL. I'm just gonna' watch like the good boyscout that I am. One of the people that I was with never gambles. she just gets a kiick out of watching, and rooting people on, so if she can do it, you bet your ass I can too.

So I'm sitting there watching my friend win all sorts of money from slots, when he hands me a $10 and tells me to play a few, which I do. Other people's money I'll play with.

So the worst thing in the world happened. I turned the $10 into $150.

I was screwed at that point and I knew it. Boyscout Jon has left the building, and Genghis Jon was in his place.

Genghis Jon thinks that if this place is giving out free money, you need to go for it! Go big! Turn that $150 into the 50 million grand prize, you deserve it!

By the end of the evening however i was reminded that I have this thing about leaving a casino with money in my pocket. I seem to be against it for some reason. Maybe because it's an indian casino, and I have all that guilt for what my people did to the red man. Either way I just seem to be uncomfortable walking out of there with money.

I should really do something about that.


I hear Billy Joel brought down the house in New York the other night.


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