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Mere Strategy?

My friend Ian who's making a movie asked if I could come over and give him a hand with the production. I asked him what it was about and he said something about cavemen and time travel.

Shit that rules. I'm in.
OK, very breifly, here's a rundown of the movie and the scene we were filming.

The movie is about a caveman that finds a door to the future. He uses the portal to scavage from dumpsters in the future then returns to his home. He builds a shack around the door, to which he resides.

So the scene were doing was a child caveman (caveboy?) was fighting with the caveman over the key to the door that he stole.

The scene ends with the caveman whacking the boy over the head with a bottle. Hard.

So, it was just a matter of time before the cops came. The kid was around 10 and he was just SCREAMING during the scene.
Mind you we were in a shack. Children screaming from shacks tend not to go unnoticed.

And what would the police find when the arrived? A half naked boy wearing caveman garb lying on the ground with a man over him wearing matching attire about to hit him with a bottle. They'd also find a ponytailed man filming the event, and me holding the light.

Good thing I'm a thinking man. I got the fuck out of there as soon as I could.
Sylvester Stallone just came out with protein powered pudding costing about $50.

Who would of ever thought this guy eats pudding?

What a pussy. Rambo is a pudding eating pussy.
There's this guy that placed an ad on Craig's List offering someone to make over his house for free. Free as in he won't charge you to spend insane amounts of money on his property.

What a nice guy, huh? Well I'd love to share with you my correspondence with him. But I'm not, why?

Because I can't get over the election, that's why.

Bush supporter blogs are still talking about it, so why not me?

Here's something Pork Tornado wrote in a site outside of Diaryland.

"I am encouraged to see that whining musicians, actors, and government dependent parasites did not overshadow the publicís understanding of the long-term wisdom of this administration. It also eases my mind to know that the thinking majority of Americans still know the difference between saying you have a plan and actually having one. Vision won out over mere strategy."

You hear alot of this dribble from the right. How Kerry flip flops. How George Bush stays on track. Has clear vision. Doesn't waffle. Doesn't waver. Loves freedom.

Let's talk about the last line; vision vs. stategy. First, what the fuck does it mean? I always thought that strategy trumps vision. If my boss came to me and told me he wants a strategy to save X amount of money in the fourth quarter, and I came back instead with a vision I think he'd assume I was on drugs.

Mere strategy? Hey, having visions is great. Especialy if they're not drug-enduced, but what's the plan, Stan?
The guy rallied the whole country by saying Iraq had nukes pointed at us and Kerry along with myself believed and supported him.

Then we find out that we actually weren't in grave danger, (so much for vision) and many of us questioned going to Iraq to begin with. And so George Bush effectively used that against the senator. That he supported the war when he said there were WMD's, and questioned it when there weren't any. What a flip flopper! The man can't make up his mind!!!

Who wants a president with common sense? You should make a decision and despite how it turns out back it all the way. Doing anything other then that lacks vision. I mean he could have been a danger, and certainly other people out there are gonna' nuke us, so we mind as well start wiping out everybody that hate us one by one because that's how you win the war on terror.

He also said "It also eases my mind to know that the thinking majority of Americans still know the difference between saying you have a plan and actually having one."

You know, anyone can have a plan. I got lots of plans, that don't mean they're any good. What he doesn't say, and I fucking dare him to, is that Bush has a good plan.

Go ahead, say it. Say George Bush has a good plan. So far we know that this Bush voter perfers Bush over Kerry because he has a plan, and a vision.

It's important to note he didn't say a great plan, or even a good plan.

Or that Bush has exceptional vision. Or even 20/40 vision.

Just a plan and a vision. No silly strategy. How could anyone not vote for the guy?

But what I'm really wondering is how this guy could swipe at Puff Doodily Doo for his "Vote or Die" campaign.

Yes it was the most retarded thing ever. Except for Cheney's campaign slogan which was "Vote for ME or Die".

How Bush supporters want to believe that people came out in droves to vote for him because he's doing such a wonderful job with his vision and his unapologetic mistakes plans, than good for you.

But the reality is that change is scary. We don't need a war, it's hard to elect a new leader period. Challengers historicly have a much harder time removing a sitting president.

But there's a war going on and people are scared. Carl Rove knows this and capitalized on it big time.

If you really don't believe me, just wait until Bush starts passing a right wing conservative agenda like we're the United States of Texas. You'll be wondering where your 59 million went real fast.

Until then keep believing the hype. Maybe get some of that Rambo pudding too. How's that for a vision?


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