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Election Blues

Oh, I can't wait until the democratic debates tonight. Anybody that has FOX News should watch this shit. I haven't seen a bigger bunch of goofballs since Gilligan's Island. Does anybody really fucking think any of these weirdos is gonna win?

Is it plausible in anyone's mind the notion of President/Reverend Al Sharpton?

The guy couldn't get elected mayor of his home town. He got slaughtered actually. If he he can't pull off such a modest goal, how the hell does he come up with the idea that he can get elected president of the fucking country?

Besides, he's a pimp. I could just imagine the department he'd have Condoleeza Rice head. She'd be like The Head of Giving Head or something.

Then you have Mr Excitiment, Joe Lieberman from my home state of Connecticut.

Now, maybe if the South won the war, and the United States were seperated, he might have a shot of being elected. But if this guy actually thinks his kosher ass is gonna get three votes south of the Mason/Dixie line, he's got another thing coming. Joe Lieberman has a better chance of getting elected pope.

Then you have John Kerry and Howard Dean, who are both neck and neck in the polls. Mainly because they both have that salt and pepper hair that reminds us of Clinton. Other than that there's nothing that spectatular about them, or any of the other nine contenders.

And there's certainly nothing that spectactular about the sitting president. Thus far we are faced with 10 choices. 10 people out of a nation of 280 million, and we're suppose to believe that these are the most qualified people to preside over the only standing super power.

These are the smartest, bravest, most itellegent, most experienced people this nation has to offer?

Al Sharpton?

I got some bad news for you democrats out there. George Bush is gonna win, no, kick serious ass this next election whether you like it or not so don't get your hopes up with one of these guys- it ain't gonna happen.

No reason not to watch the debates though. It makes you feel a bit better when you realize there really isn't anything better out there.


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