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Two Entry Friday!!!!!

True in form to Canada’s policy of “If it’s wrong and people are still doing it, make it legal”, Vancouver announced that it will be trying a free heroin program.

Before I get into this I just want to say that I read all sorts of news sites, and out of all of them the only news agency reporting this is Fox News.

In case anybody doesn’t know, Fox keeps a horrible secret of being slanted to the right. So when anybody’s doing anything liberal Fox News is there reporting it. Not that this isn’t a retarded story, but that’s Canada for you.

Anyways, love ‘em or hate ‘em if it weren’t for Fox News I, Genghis Jon wouldn’t be able to bring you the following.


I thought they’d look friendlier.

I dunno’ man, maybe I’m getting old but is there really something wrong with making illegal something that kills people despite how many stupid people fall into it?

Yes I do know and believe that all sorts of crime are committed just out of desperation from people trying to obtain the funds for the stuff, but what’s wrong with the idea that what’s bad is bad and should be illegal? Why is it so hard for the people of Vancouver to see that the government can’t solve everything? Sometimes in society you have to put up with a lot of stupid people that you can’t legislate against? The best you can do is be consistent and keep them away from everybody else.

Free heroin or not there are still gonna’ be stupid people that are gonna’ walk amongst you and me whether we give into their demands or not.

But what drives me insane is the idea that the taxpayers, the people that aren’t doing heroin have to pay for their heroin, all in the hopes that these same people don’t get robbed for heroin money.

Handing over your wallet before the crime is even committed, what could be more Canadian?

But what do I know. In truth this could be a very effective program that helps the community along with the addicts.

Who knows, maybe with a little luck a few might even have a chance of turning out as good as Chuck Swesey.


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