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One Man, One Voice, Two Votes

I haven't put up any photos in awhile and that's just bullshit. we can't be having that. Let's start a new day, today!

Here's my friend Kadrel who practices safe sex. Ever notice they don't make a small size condom? Not that it'd fit his polar bear size cock, but I'm just saying...

This is me (in the middle) with my friend John, and kadrel again. This is us at karaoke trying to pick out just the right metal song.


The govenment wants to tell you that you only have one vote. That's horseshit. the very first time I voted when I was 19 I actually voted twice. Kids, you don't need to be Genghis Jon to vote twice either. here's how I did it.

1992 I went and voted like any good American. That evening I went with my girlfriend to vote. When it was her turn I told the lady I was gonna go up to the both with her because she doesn't know what she's doing (She's blonde).

Normally they don't let you near the both if you aren't cleared to vote but because of her condition they waved me through.

After she came out I went right in. Just to be a prick I voted for another candidate that time.

I encourage you all to try the same thing. If you know someone that's a voter in another district, just get them a blonde wig if they're not a natural and follow the steps I layed out. If you get busted worst case senario is they'll tell you not to do that. It's worth the risk because, I'm sorry, one vote just isn't enough these days.


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