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Tuesday, September. 11th, 2001

I wish I knew what to say.

I'm still in shock like most people.

I saw the second plane hit the WTC live on TV before I left for work.

On my way to work, I listened to the radio as every 10 minutes something new happened.

It really felt like the end of the world.

Who could imagine that this could happen to us?

In America...we're suppose to be safe here for chissakes!

That Pearl Harbor shit was 60 years ago....when we had Nazis and shit.

I live in CT, so needless to say I know people in NYC.

There were also people at work who had loved ones who worked at the trade center.

The president of the company announced over the intercom that we could leave if we wanted to.

Most of us stayed. I mean....what were we gonna' do? Go home and watch CNN replay the plane hitting the tower over and over until you want to cry?

Or how about the people jumping to their death from the top of the building? That's good ratings...

To add to the crazy day....we were instructed to "leave the building at once!!!!"

Outside we were told there was a bomb threat and to go home.

No reason why.


We're a fucking publishing company for crying out loud!!!

Nothing made sense today.

America isn't without it's sins, but what the fuck did we do to deserve this?

The fucking Persian Gulf war?

You're gonna' tell me we did that for the oil right?

And that we deserve this, right hippy?

Well, from what I remember, we gave them like 2 months to get the fuck out of Kuwait before we came in.

I also remember doing battle with soilders, not the fucking innocent civilians.

And we certainly didn't sneek up on them.

We didn't deserve this.

And I'm sick of people my age and younger thinking that our country is out to get them and everyone else.

My generation needes to grow the fuck up!

We've had it so good for so long that we had to complain about everything, thinking that our lives were so rough.

Well, now we REALLY got something to complain about.

And they're all looking towards the government to do something about it.

Well, it's high time people understood how good we got it living in a free society and that it can be taken away from us if let go of our guard for a second.

So if this ain't the country for you....get the fuck out.

Go to Afganastan and ask them to take care of you.

Then watch as they beat your mother to death for not covering her face in public.

Then tell me how America is unjust.

You don't know what the fuck unjust is you stupid motherfucker!

This was an attack against every American. Make no mistake about it.

Look around your family.

You husband/wife, sister/brother, son/daughter...and know that these people want you dead.

They never met the people in the World Trade Center.

But if you just happened to be visiting it that day, you would of been their target.

Think about it.

And remember this day....

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001

Better yet, write down what you remember of today.

Because your grandchildren will be asking you what it was like.

Praying ain't a bad idea either.


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