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GJ reviews Ali

So I saw Ali this weekend.

Who ever decided to let Will Smith play Mohammed Ali should stop sniffing glue.

I mean sure he's a great actor, so what? There are a lot of great actors out there. Jack Nicholas. Great actor. Why not put him in the role? Or Jim Carrey? Krist, he's in every other movie.

But the thing with the Fresh Prince, is that he's skinny. He's known for being a tall, lanky guy. Kind of the opposite of what Ali is. I mean The Fresh Prince did gain some muscle, no doubt about that. But not enough to get into the ring with the guy the size of George Foreman and make it look real. He looked like such an underdog, and I don't think you ever felt that about Mohammed Ali when you saw him in a fight.

New Years Eve 2002. Whoopeee. I can't believe that it's the year 2002 and we don't have flying cars and jet packs.

Somebody slip some speed to the scientists. Let's get with it!!!!

I got a call from a friend who's boyfriend broke up with her and she was all upset.

She didn't think she could live without him.

I had two questions.

1) How old were you when you met him?

a) 30

2) So you lived 30 years without this guy, and now all of a sudden you "need" him?

I don't know if she got my point or not. She wasn't even calling for me, she was looking for my roomate. I, of coarse, have to fix everything that's broken that comes my way.

My roomate is the same way. We got a call at 5:15Am from some drunk lady who got the wrong number. Cheryl, being inflicted with the same disease I have, trys to stay on the phone with this blitzed out drunk stranger, and trys to get her to go to rehab.

It was hysterical listening to her tell me that.

Oh boy.

What a flopper I am.


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