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El entre de dos.

My baby takes the morning train.

She works from 9 to 5 and then

She takes a-nother home again

To find me waiting for her....

So yeah, I had a couple of hate emails in regards to yesterday's entry.

Couple of people I had to edumacate!

First off, some genius wrote something in my guestbook, who thought I have some sort of serious, educational thing going on here.

People, do NOT come to me for your news. I AM NOT a trusty source.

Anyways, it turns out he never heard of sarcasm and wanted to share that he hates George Bush and dislikes Jews.

Of coarse he's too much of a pussy to leave his name and email address, but if he's reading now (and I know he his) I want you to know that

A) George W Bush loves my nuts

B) I love Jewish people more than anybody!

C) You're a pussy.

Then I got sneak attacked by my pal Erin who is all pissed off at me because she though I talked some smack about Canada.

I never had, nor would talk smack about Canada!

I was only talking smack about things that are Un-American!

Canada is far from being un-American.

Matter of fact, it's kinda' stupid to consider them another country.

I mean really, they talk like us, act like us, dress like us...

Of coarse there is the exception of those rebels in Qubec, but even they are coming around.

Believe me, last time when I was up in Montreal, I spent a whole day walking around telling people how un-American they were. They seemed really conserned about this, and I expect MAJOR changes soon.

But Canada is so close to America, you can almost spell America by switching the letters around.

"Anad(i)ca" that's pretty damn close to

Now, I'm not saying that Canada itself is un-American, but the word "Canada" is un-American because it's try to say "America" subliminaly.

Kind of like a fast food restaurant calling themselves "MacDonald's"

Not very American.

Canada..maybe you should ask yourselves when picking a country name.. "What would George W Bush Do?"

Would he be original and put his magnificant intellect to superior use?

Or would he rip off his neighbors?

C'mon Canada!

I'm sure there's a little George W Bush in all of you up there!

Just tap into it!!!!



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