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Genghis Jon Gets to the Bottom of this Robot Crap

So I was at this party in Boston a few weeks back. Boston party's are great because you're basically observing the people who are gonna' rule the world in the next twenty years get terribly drunk.

Next to Diaryland's own Joyful, my favorite person I hung out with was this kid who worked at MIT.

Major score chatting with this guy. I can't remember exactly what he did there. When he said his title all I got was "...Robotics...MIT".

So I ask the motherfucker. Striaght up.

"Dude........yes or no....are robots gonna' take over the world?"

And I swear, without batting an eye, and without a hint of sarcasm (not that this guy could accomplish sarcasm) he said "yes."

Just like that! Looked me right in the eye and said "Yes."

What a fucking revelation, I KNEW IT!

He went on to tell me some of the things his company is working on. Probably the most fucking frightening is a robotic suit that U.S. soldiers will be wearing while in combat. where did I see that before?

You guessed it. These fucking guys sit around watching bad 80's science fiction and then make it come true. What a bunch of motherfuckers. In ten years we're gonna' have an army full of Robocops. Probably flying to Iraq in the USS Enterprise, which is being manned by those Johnny Five robots from the Short Circuit movies.

My brain couldn't take this shit. I was really thinking about strangling this guy.

But before I got to that, I asked him if these roboguys were waterproof, and he said no. I then asked "So, what you're saying is if I was surrounded by these robocops, I could basically stop them all with a garden hose?"

He had to think about that one. I think we all do.

Check, please.


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