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Holiday wishes from Genghis Jon

God these holidays are stressing me the fuck out.

I made the mistake of going to the local mall the other day.

After about 10 minutes in there I shared the same hatred for Americans as the Taliban.

Guess that's the French in me, oui?

This weekend should be cool.

I'm going up to Boston to see The Nutcracker.

Ya'll know what a big fan I am of the ballet.

Nothing like watching a bunch of 28lb anorexics doing splits in the air-like a bunch of dickwads, while you sit there for five hours.

Actually should be pretty cool.

I mean it's taken me awhile to appreciate the whole ballet thing.

First time I saw it it was like...

Giant mice guys dance/fighting with a guy that boasts being a "Nutcracker" and incidentaly gets his ass kicked.

The end.

But now I see it as a beautiful piece of classic art whense these giant mice lads dance/fight with a Nutbiter, and ends up getting his rear pounced.


So I forgot to report, I had a big thing happen last week!

We had two company raffles at work last week and I won them both!

The first was a DVD player, and the other was an X-Box!

Last year we had one raffle (for a DVD player) and I won that too.

Needless to say, I haven't a friend in this entire place.

I was getting death threats via email all week. Even from people I don't even know!!

I even got a poorly-hidden "poor me" email from some fat lady, "congradulating" me on winning the X Box, and throwing in things like "my four children would of loved that! I just can't afford to get them much this year..."

Too bad bitch, this thing is MINE!

That jedi mind trick shit ain't gonna' work for me.

Not that I'm a heartless bastard, but if I convinced that this lady wasn't going to sell the thing for beer, I might give it up. But I know her, and she's an awful mother. She always puts her own alcoholic needs before her children's, and then she looks for other people to take care of her four kids. She's always going around complaining about her kids. Like they asked her to be born. She's one of those people where it's always about her. She's the victim because some called the police on her when she was shitfaced and about to get in a car with her kids.

Now she wants me to donate my X Box to her "me" fund.

Well, I always hear about what she can't afford to get the kids, but I never hear about the lack of money it takes to feed her alcohol addiction. 2+2=4 Stop depending on work raffles to support your kids, you selfish cretin! Who the fuck let you out of the trailer park anyways?

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!


Genghis Jon


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