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The Enormous Omelet Sandwich

In the day and age where all your favorite junk food establishments have repented and vy for your business with their new low fat McSalads, and fresh fruit platters; you have to show a little respect for the company that has cojones to introduce this to their menu.

Guess what they call this fucking thing? The "Enormous Omelet Sandwich".

I dunno', I think this sandwich is terrible and all, but I just have so much respect for Burger King for doing this.

In the last few years the fast food industry has been taking a beating from the ever-growing health conscience public. With books like "Fast Food Nation" and movies like "Supersize me" going into great detail on the awful truths of what we've really been consuming all these years it's no wonder many of these places have started adding healthy alternatives next to their always disgusting standards.

I can't help but to find the humor in the fact that while all these other fast food places are scrambling to tone down their artery clogging, Burger King walks in an offers the "Enormous Omelet Sandwich".

How fucking rebellious! Burger King is the true James Dean of fast food.

Maybe some of us would rather be a little portly and not puss out over every public hysteria that gets hyped all over the media every so often.

Or maybe you just want to pass by a mirror while using the bathroom at work and say to yourself "I ate the Enormous Omelet Sandwich for breakfast today".

Or maybe while walking in to work in the morning, when the hot secretary asks what you have in your bag, instead of low fat yoghurt you just wanna' say "Sally, I have the Enormous Omelet Sandwich. As the name suggests it's Enormous. Maybe you could take a bite out of my Enormous Omelet Sandwich and help me take care of it, Sally."

I need a cigarette.


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