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Science Exonerates Genghis Jon

I know a lot of you think I'm just some raging idiot that just talks smack about stuff he don't know.

Take me theory on left handed people for instance. I've actually had people who disagreed with me when I stated they're sub-humans.

I've layed off the subject for awhile, but just today there was an article in the news that I'd for you all to read.

Check out what GJ's good friend science had to say about the issue.

I'm not gonna' quote the entire piece, but here's how it starts off....

"Statistics show left-handed people are more likely to be schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities. They're also more likely to die young and get into accidents. So if evolutionary theory dictates survival of the fittest, why do lefties still exist?"

I told you people I'm a fucking genius but you just wouldn't listen. Now you're waking up to the news reporting leading scientists confirming what I've said years ago.

Today I'm predicting that everybody that didn't believe me will get jock itch and die. But not before their asses fall off and they turn Canadian.


Speaking of Canadian, oops, we took away your hockey, how you like us now, beyotch?

There is no doubt that this is in retribution for Canada not supporting George Bush's war in Iraq.

Like they think they're gonna' have a protest in Montreal with 25,000 French people marching against George Bush and he's just gonna' forget about it, right?

A lot of people (mostly personalities on Fox News) suggested that the US should declare war on Canada, but they were mostly saying it in jest. Now we know that the White House not only took it seriously, but decided that squashing Canada with military might wouldn't be punishment enough. george and his crew wanted to send a message to them that would send trembles for generations to come.

By this I mean take away their hockey. As we all know taking away their hockey is just like taking away their will to live.

Imagine if you took away an Irishman's whiskey, or an Italian's Iroc Z-28? There are certain things worse then death for some people, and for Canadians it's definately the hockey.


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