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Fall into Genghis Jon

To make a long story short, a friend of mine just joined PETA.

For those of you who don't know what PETA is, it's a for-profit company that bitches and moans about using guinea pigs as, well, guinea pigs.

Now I like dogs, and monkeys and the like as much as the next guy. But if you're gonna' tell me that doing an experiment on a rat will save a human life I'll not only slaughter the beast myself, I'll squeeze out it's eyes and piss in it's skull for good measure.

Whoa, got a little excited there for a minute. Where was I? Oh, PETA. Yes, my friend is all PETA-happy lately. I missed his birthday a little while back and asked him what I could get him. He's a little familiar with this site and said that for his birthday he'd like me to mention, and encourage membership to PETA.

That sounds easy enough. (Not to mention inexpensive on my end) Honestly I think I can do better. So here's what I was thinking.

I'm going to hold a contest. The reader that joins, and get's the most ammout of people to join PETA will win an autographed (by yours truly) edition of Ted Nugent, and his trophy wife Shemane's cook book entitled.."Kill it and Grill it"

Let me know how you're doing in my guestbook.

And remember.....meat is murder!


Last night was fun. Me and my roommate were handing out candy to the ungrateful children in the neighborhood. I put my small Vox amp on the porch and hooked it up to my theramin. If you don't know what a theramin is, you're not cool. A theramin is actually the first ever electric instrument. All those old movies that had that UFO noise, the OooooooWeeeeeeeeOooooooo..... Know what I'm talking about? Think "Good Vibration" by the Beach Boys. That spaceship part is a theramin. For you emo kids that are too cool to admit you're familiar with any Beach Boys song, think "My Valoria" from the Pixies.

That's what we had. We also had a microphone with a pitch shifter. That way we could talk through the mic with a demonic voice.

I wish Halloween was everyday.

Anyways, we kept everything nice and quiet until someone stepped on the porch. When one foot hit the porch, we threw on the lights, turned the theramin WAY up, and John shouted over the mic HAAAA, HAAAA, HAAAA!!!

It was funny seeing all these little ghetto kids scream like girls.

At around 9:30 we got a knock on the door. This was way past trick or treat time. I opened the door and there were 4 black dudes dressed in costume. The only thing was they looked to be like in their late teens. I'm talking at least 19. I said to them "aren't you boys a little old for trick or treating?" They just stood there with their bags opened and a laugh as if to say "yeah but we don't care. Free candy." I gave them one tiny box of Junior Mints and said "here, you guys split this."

Jam Master Jay here I come.


Now that it's fall, I was thinking of advertising my site with the phrase "Fall....into Genghis Jon"

What do you think? Pretty clever, huh? Wish you thought of it? Jealous?


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