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Even Funner!

Finally people, the Kidd tribe has written an IC that we can be proud of.

If you haven't already, please do.

We've been getting all sorts of reactions from people. One being from Uncle Bob who as I suspected, just doesn't get it.

The man claims we have given up.

True and false.

We have not taken ourselves out of the contest. Honestly, the idea did come up and I shot it down. I hate people who throw tantrums when they're losing and walk away. It's childish. And that's not what we're doing. If we were gonna' do that we would have just put up a middle finger or something. I would have at least. We followed the rules of the IC to the letter, and we are in compition to win.

But at the same time, we also did, as Bob says "Give up".

We gave up writting IC's that are designed only to appease the judges.

Uncle Bob wrote that he hates his tribe's IC. You know why that is? Cause I wrote the IC he wished he had the cojones to. He played sheep while one of his tribemates offered an IC that, even though he didn't believe to be all that good by his own admission, still thought the judges might like it.

Now, what exactly does that say about his opinion of the judges?

So while Bob goes on and on about how much the game sucks, we'll keep being the team that's actually doing something about it.

As I've said before, I'd much rather lose at a game where we're having fun at, than compete at a game that sucks ass. Bob and his tribe sadly feel otherwise.

It really irks me to see Bob coming down on me for trying to spruce up the game. I'd like to remind him the one and only reason he was picked to be part of this game was because the folks in charge were to believe that he was going to add a lot of excitment and fun. Thusfar all he's done was bitch about how boring the game is, and critize me for saying the things he should be.

DS5 are not getting their moneys worth with him. Like my IC or not, I'm the same Genghis Jon in the game as I am outside of it.

In conclusion the rival's IC is terrible. Even some of their own agrees. If that ends up the winner it'll be even more of a testament to how hopeless this game has gotten. And what's more, if it's the winner, I'll be proud to lose.

I also want to urge the hosts to open up the judge's blog and make it public. If they want the shit to fly, let's start there.

And tribes. It was an experiment that didn't work out. It needs to go NOW! I urge everybody to go here and tell the people running this game to change that now.

I unlike many others still find hope in this game. But that hope isn't with Bob or any of the other LaFitte tribe. So rejoice Diaryland Survivor Viewers!! The Kidds won't let you down anymore.


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