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Anybody who has not read the interview Arnold Schwarzenegger gave in 1977 needs to unplug the phone and go here right f'ing NOW!

I almost pissed myself when I read how he had an orgy with some black chick with his workout buddies. HOLY FUCKING GANGBANG BATMAN, THIS IS GONNA BE THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA!!!

The future Gov also goes on and on about how the "cock" is not a muscle, and it cannot get bigger with excersize.

That's beautiful. All our Governor in Connecticut does is warn us about the dangers of drinking and driving. I wish I lived in California to see Governor Schwarzenegger's campaign on Cock Awarness.

In thick Austrian accent "Kids, dis is yowr Govenugh, Arnold Schwarzenegger here to tell you about yowr cocks!

Even though I am the strongest govenowr yowr sissy little state will evar have, it is important to know that yowr cocks will not be ahz big and strong ahz my mahsels.

I am here to educate you all that cocks are not mahsels. You cannot pump dem' up.

I refuse to do any work on this budget until you all accept dis fact!

Speaking of which, da state has a deficit of 3 billion dowwas. I find that funny because I just looked at my checking account and I have 10 billion dowwas. I could write you guys a check, but I'm too busy having a gangbang with a black chick my manager supplied for me.

Rememba, I'll be back. And cocks can't get exorcized."


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