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I'v resorted to putting up baby pictures of me. SOMEBODY PLEASE SAVE THIS DIARY!!!!!!


Wook at wittle' Genghis wif' hiv' big brother...

The ding-dong on the right is moi.

The Chinese kid on the left is my brother, Jason.


And here he is again!

Rocking the hair in this picture.

I was three here and actually remember the day pretty well. I was really excited to be sitting on top of the car.

It was the funniest thing in the world. still is!

Sometimes (just for fun) I hop up on my car and giggle like a little schoolgirl.

Ahhhhh.....3 was a good year.

It took so little for me to be happy. Now everything is so complicated.

Christmas was the usual family disfunction. My brother's fiance was drunk as a skunk. It was pretty funny because she's not a natural drinker person. She was just laying on the coach laughing her head off, talking about how she thinks her dog has cancer.

My mother was giggling right along with her because she's just as naturaly dingy.

My dad got a bass and is learning how to play. I tell ya', in my 28 years on this planet, this is the first thing that he and I have had a common interest in. So, I got on his bass and looked like a hero to him. It was great. He's always been the mighty figure to me, so this was something new. It was nice to have a common interest in. Usualy him and my brother talk about football stats, or golf games while I'm sitting there looking like the "special in his own way" son.

family affairs aside, I also saw the Buttsmacker in Boston.

No's called the Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker was great! And so true to life, it was filled with people dancing all over town just like the do in real life.

I felt a little bad because the average age of the performers was about 6. So it was kind of like paying to go to a sweatshop and watch the children work for nothing.

But hey, it's Christmastime.

God bless us, every single one. ('cept left handed freaks...)


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