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So the World Trade Center attack is my fault?

The worst tragedy to happen in my lifetime.

Not one fucking day passes before the far-left wacko hippies gotta' shout about their fucked up theories.

The first asshole I read their opionion from was Michael Moore.

Michael talked very briefly about how horrible the tragedy was. Then went on to blame everybody for this except the people who actually did it!

First off, he said that airport security is so bad because their employees are paid so little.

So, it's not the security's fault at all, is what he's telling us? They had a job that they agreed to do to the best of their ability. A job that they were willing to not accept if they so choosed. A job that they were well aware puts a lot of people's safety on the line.

And Michael Moore tells us "it's not their fault...they get paid $5.02 an hour...."

Listen....the fucking gas station up the street from here has a starting salary at $10.00 an hour.

If Mikey is gonna tell me that they're paying people that kind of salary at an airport.....he's living in 1972.

I know people who've worked at airports, they don't make a killing but they get by just fine.

And the one's that don't, have enough sense to leave and take the $10.00 job at the gas station.

Where the fuck is the responsibility these days?

How come when somebody doesn't do their job properly, it's not their fault?

And then Moore goes on about how it's our own fault because the CIA trained Bin Ladin when Afghanistan was being invaded by the Soviets.

Which is true, but again, he blames us. Not the nutjobs who carried this out....but us.

Because we helped a small country from being invaded by communists, and they turn around and use their tricks that we taught them against the Russians....that's our fault, right?

Wake up hippies!!!!

The people responsilbe for this shit is Bin Ladin and his Wack-Pack.

Even most of the other muslim countries know it! But Mr. Fucking Green Party is all about not blaming the culprits, but everyone else in America.

He literally believes that everything bad happening in the world is the fault of the American government. And how he can insult the victims of this tragedy by taking the focus off the actual people who are to blame is just a fucking outrage.

I browsed through a coupl of other "trusty news sources" as well.

The far left ones that believe OJ and Mumia are innocent and everything else.

They pretty much say how you can only trust them, not your national news source because they're gonna' blame Bin Ladin, yadda, yadda' fuck-you, yadda....

Well, these potheads obviously know more then the FBI because in 24 hours they've already found tons of evidence linking this back to Bin Ladin.

Everything is a big consperacy's all a big consperacy....

Why the Hell can't people overdose on Marijuana?

That's what's not fair here.

Fuck, I haven't been this mad since they cancelled Cop Rock.

-Genghis Jon


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