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So what's the deal with the Muslim fanatics?

Not to sound like Jerry Seinfeld, but who ARE these people?

Not to belittle their feelings or to imply that they're hypersensative or anything like that but it seems to me like every time someone from the west so much as farts we get this...


It seems that the latest incident involves some Danish guy who drew a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad with a bomb on his head. The cartoon was picked up and printed in other newspapers in different countries...

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Guess who's gonna' burn their beard?

...including France, and about ten seconds later 50 billion people took to the streets and screamed and shouted and burned stuff and (yyyyaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn) jumped up and down, and waved their hands, and declared jihad, know the drill.

Here's a little advice to my Muslim friends. Pick your battles. If you're gonna' react the same to some dumb fucking cartoon as to when a nuclear bomb gets accidentally dropped on Mecca then people are gonna' write you off as a hysterical lot.

Reminds me of my nephew when he was like 4. The kid was ALWAYS crying. Like ALWAYS. So when he stepped on a beehive and was being slaughtered by bees we all just stayed in the house and rolled our eyes. After going running out a hundred times when we heard the screaming only to find out it was due to him dropping his He-Man.

That's exactly how we're veiwing the Muslims in the Middle East. I understand that they love their religion but they've also "Dropped their He-Man".

You wonder why we go ape anytime we even think an Arab coutry is considering nuclear weapons. As far as George Bush is conserned Iran is a country entirerly made up of 4-year olds.
Above: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and cabinet.

Not that I agree with much of anything the Prez does but I'm with him on the fact that allowing places like Iran to have a nuclear bomb would be insane. I mean, yeah, equality for all and all that but these people's feelings get hurt way too quickly to be having a doomsday bomb in their yard. They're also just a little too eager to get killed for whatever reason, they got virgins waiting for them, who could blame 'em?

"Aaaalllllllll we are saaaaayyyiiiinnng, is give jihad a chance!"

Here's the deal. Grow up, get fat and happy like us. Get a bunch of McDonalds, a few Walmarts, other stuff worth sticking around for and maybe just MAYBE, we'll let you have a nuclear weapon. A small one.

I mean, if we let the French have one, we really should let anyone have one.

"Your mother loves my nuts."


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