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Jonas Must Die.

First off, what the hell is this?

Jonas must enjoy my foot up his ass. He must really like my foot residing up his back door.

I don't understand why else he would say goodbye to Diaryland!

Hmm, is it us? Maybe Jonas thinks he's better than you and I, and just wants to mingle with a more uppity crowd.

Maybe he went to (God Forbid)

Either way, I'm gonna' kill him. I'm sorry to everyone that loves him, but he has to die.

I like to look at Diaryland, sorta' like a family. You don't walk away from a family, right?

No, of coarse not. Once you're a member of a family, the only way out is death. There's no negotiation.

Anyways, if you're reading this Jonas. Hi! I'll see you soon. Don't worry about getting in contact with me, OK? I'll just pop by some time.


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