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Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

I hope you all are stuffed with turkey, or some sort of tasty tofu substitute. (Tofurky? Is that what you hippies eat?)

I spent the day over my aunt's house. Lovely time. There was this guy there who had a thick Irish accent. After about four hours of hanging out with this guy I turned to him and said "Who are you?"

Turns out he's my cousin's roommate from Sommerville Mass. He didn't fly home to Ireland because they don't have Thanksgiving there. Seriously. No Thanksgiving. Just like the Canada, they have nothing to be thankful for.

Just joking people, easy....easy....

Anyways, I felt the need to corner the guy and make him feel as uncomfortable as I could.

So I asked him if he heard that our president, Mr George W Bush had went to Badhdad and graced the troops with a visit. He told me he had, and I expressed the need for me to feel that he understood the greatness behind the act, and the man that is our leader.

**Just a sidenote. I'm not a big fan of the president. It's just that my aunt and her family are big liberals, and I have this medical condition where I become Rush Limbaugh around said people. I also becaome Michael Moore around conservatives, but that's another story.

Anyways, so I'm pressing the kid to see how much pepper he's got. I know it was killing him listening to me go on about how great Bush is, and how much Bono sucks. After about 5 minutes he started getting into the whole "unjust war" thing, and everyone jumped in with their opinions about how the enviroment is being raped, and how he lost the election, and this and that...

I had no interest in a debate, I just wanted to push buttons. These people deserve it. They use to all give me shit every year around this time when I was young. Well, not the Irish kid, but so what. I wanted to give him the real experience of what it's like to have Thanksgiving in my family.

Anyways after the bloodthirsty drunken lot gathered around me trying to draw blood, I took a que from David Bryne and stopped making sense.

You should of seen the look on their faces when I said "The president did not rape the environment, it was consensual sex!"

That's hard to respond to when you're as mad as they were.

We went back and forth until the room reached it's peak in anger.

Right then I thanked everyone for having me, walked past the John Lennon lithographs hanging on the wall, and went home.

God I love having my own car. I'll never forget having to spend the entire night listening to this back and forth bullshit from both sides of hotheads and not being old enough to transport myself around.

Now what I do is arrive, get them all wyled up, and leave to fight amongst themselves.

And for that, I am thankful.


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