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Mr Head

Why is it that every time someone finds Jesus they have to quit their job? That guy Head from Korn found God. That's great. Now get back to the studio and finish the fucking record. Every member of the Doobie Brothers was born again as well, and what did they do? Wrote a very uplifting song dedicated to Jesus. But 10 minutes later they were "Taking it to the Streets!" What's up with that?

I know a lot of people that became religious and not one of them quit their job.

I guess my biggest problem with all this is that he quit playing loud rock music so he could go.....make loud music. That's right, he said he's still gonna' be making loud, rock music- except as a solo artist, and he's gonna donate all the money he's gonna make from his future music to charity. All $87 of it.

I dunno', not that I'm a model Christian myself, but would it be a sin to stay in profitable band and THEN donate your money to charity? What's the point changing your position to where you're not gonna' be making any money to decide your gonna' give it all away?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but c'mon! I believe him when he says he wants to do good, but let's go over both senarios.

The first one he shows up at a children's hospital with a check for $12 that were part of the profits he earned from his album, "Jesus is Just Alright With Me, 2005."

What a lovely gesture. Now let's go over the alternative. Head, guitarist for Korn shows up. Their last album went platinum so he has millions to give to the hospital. For the kids, just seeing the guitarist from Korn makes their day. Sure they're use to their crappy b-list celebrities like John Bon Jovi, or fade In to stop by. But this would be a real live hero for many of them. Including the nurses.

I dunno', maybe I just don't understand. Like how he's made such a big deal in the press of how he has turned from his rock star ways, and then gets a fucking tattoo of a bible passage on his neck! Ouch, daddy.

Makes you wonder if he's following Jesus or Henry Rollins. p>


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